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Mini Teddy Pacifier Holder | Tan Sherpa


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The beloved Teddy is now available in a mini version to hold your littles pacifiers and come along everywhere you go! 

size: 6inx4in 

*does NOT include pacifier.

All products are 100% handmade, for you, with love! 

*Due to each item being handmade, there may be slight variations.

Care instructions: To keep your lovey/paci holder feeling soft and new, we recommend you hand wash in cold water or with like colors and air dry/tumble dry low! Since heads are stuffed they may lose their shape after significant use, simply fluff it like you would a pillow to restore its shape.

*DISCLAIMER: Loveys/ blankets/ pacifier holders for babies and children are to be used with SUPERVISON ONLY. NEVER leave blankets/loveys/pacifier holders with a sleeping child unattended. Please follow safe sleeping guidelines when it comes to young children/ babies and blankets/loveys/pacifier holders of any kind.

Customer Reviews

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My bubs favourite.

My Bub loves her Moonie bear so we bought her the mini teddy paci holder and it’s become her favourite comforter on the go

Perfectly packaged and beautifully sourced pieces

What a gorgeous and lovely little package to come home to. Each piece has been carefully selected and lovingly wrapped. Not only are the pieces sourced good quality but they are also unique and gorgeous gifts.

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