Our Values.

Here at Lupa and Sol we always strive for quality, sustainability and choosing brands consciously. We are so proud of the brands and partnerships we have created and who align with our values and priorities. 

Our learning experiences are constantly evolving and as we grow, so does our knowledge of moving forward to be better for you and our planet.

Our Brand.

Lupa and Sol the Label works with ethical manufacturers where we are sourcing organic cottons and premium quality cotton for each collection. We are a plastic free brand and opt out of plastic product bags. Helping our environment as a whole with every step we take is very important to us and in the future we are planning a biodegradable package option for each item.


We package our orders not only with a whole lot of love but with recyclable and reusable brown paper and ship all orders out in our hero packaging compostable mailers in both our satchels and our padded bags. Our boxes we use are also recyclable. Each brand we choose also use compostable and sustainable product packaging, something we are so proud of but always striving to do better.