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Designed by parents and backed by science, Hydramama® is the drink you’ll need to support you through conception to postpartum. A new age isotonic drink, Hydramama® uses bioavailable water-soluble forms of vitamins to help ensure the best level of absorption. Think of it as a tasty drink that has the added benefits of Electrolytes, Folate, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.

This liquid aid will help ease all those “head in a bowl” moments during pregnancy aka nausea, sickness, headaches and extreme dehydration. During labour, our drink works beautifully as an alternative to promote energy and after birth, acts as a tasty beverage to keep the milky goodness flowing. These easy-to-digest, quenching and sugar-free drinks will help to fill your cup (literally).
Mix one sachet in 250-450mls of water to help to fill your cup (literally). Enjoy as required.
Replenish essential electrolytes
Efficient, quick hydration
Helps to combat nausea and replenish energy levels
Electrolyte Mineral Salts Blend: Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Mono Potassium Phosphate, Sodium Citrate. This blend helps to ensure you are hydrated to the optimal level.

Vitamin C is vital for both mama and bub during pregnancy and for postpartum recovery, we chose to use a fruit-based ascorbic acid which is very quick absorbing.

Vitamin B6 is often prescribed for treating nausea and vomiting (those head in the bowl moments) and is a key ingredient in our formulation. We use a water soluble form of vitamin B6 called Pryidoxine Hydrochoride.

Methyl Folate Calcium (Methylated Folate) a form of folate which can be absorbed by everyone. This one is great for bub, their brain and spine whilst growing in your belly.

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Bec Kubik
Gold Star Award!

These taste unbelievably yummy! A lightness in flavour but an absolute hydration hit!! Perfect match! But more importantly, how easy they are to drink when everything else just seems to make me more nauseous.. I wish I found these from the beginning

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